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Who is Active Gym?

Active Gym is one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of high-tech fitness equipment and accessories in Europe.

Since 2010, Active Gym has been revolutionizing the fitness industry. We know that the right layout, strategic equipment positioning, and accessory selection are crucial for effective workouts and maximizing business revenue. Our affordable, high-quality machines and accessories make it easy to create a fully equipped fitness zone, saving you time and money.

Our expert team provides comprehensive support for setting up and managing your fitness space, including equipment selection, layout design, special flooring, air conditioning, lighting, and more.

Do I need to perform any preventative maintenance on my Active Gym equipment?

As you’ll see in your equipment’s documentation, basic preventative maintenance will promote years of trouble-free use of your Active Gym equipment. Here are some of the basic procedures you should perform:

Ellipticals: After each use, clean the display with a damp cloth. Every couple of weeks, clean the wheels and ramp with water or a diluted all-purpose cleaner. On a quarterly basis, perform a complete cleaning under the front and rear covers.

Treadmills: After each use, clean the display with a damp cloth. Carefully vacuum under the hood (front cover) at least once a month.

Pin loaded machines: At least once a month clean the skewers at the weight stack to remove any kind of dust and then oiled them a little bit with suitable lubricant. This action will prevent potential movement jams of the weight stack.

Plate loaded machines: At least once a month clean the area around the bearings. This action will extend their life.

What Information will I need to supply to the customer service representative when I call about a problem with my Active Gym equipment?

Please provide the following information:

Active Gym equipment model number

Your Active Gym equipment serial number (or picture of the equipment)

The nature of the issue (such as the error message, symptoms, description of the issue, etc.)

Your company name, contact name, address and phone number.

What can I use to clean my Active Gym Equipment?

For general dirt or grease removal, we recommend degreaser Meglio. The recommended dilution is 1 part Meglio to 30 parts of water.

Do NOT spray directly on the equipment.

Spray the solution on a clean, lint-free cloth before applying to the equipment.

What is the warranty on parts purchased for replacement?

Parts purchased for replacement through either your dealer or directly through Active Gym have a one-year replacement warranty. There is no labor warranty on replacement parts.

I am having an issue with my Active Gym Equipment. How do I obtain warranty service or technical assistance?

It is always best to contact the Active Gym Authorized Dealer from which you purchased your equipment. If your dealer cannot help you, call Active Gym Technical Support at +359877885824. Our technicians can recommend an Active Gym Authorized Service Provider in your general area. Please have the serial number of the unit available when contacting Active Gym.

What is gym equipment?

Gym equipment refers to a variety of machines, tools, and accessories used for exercising and training in a fitness or gym setting. These pieces of workout equipment serve different purposes and target various muscle groups, helping individuals improve their physical fitness and work towards their specific health and fitness goals such as losing weight for instance. Gym equipment can vary widely in size, complexity, and functionality, catering to a diverse range of workouts and exercises. Examples of common fitness equipment include treadmills, exercise bikes, cross trainers, dumbbells, barbells, resistance machines, cable machines, rowing machines, kettlebells, stability balls, leg press machines, pull-up bars, and more. Each of these workout equipment types plays a crucial role in offering a diverse range of workout options and exercise routines for individuals seeking to enhance their strength, endurance, and overall well-being. Gym equipment encompasses a wide array of machines, tools, and accessories used to facilitate exercise and training within a fitness or gym environment. These pieces of equipment are designed with specific functions in mind, each catering to various fitness goals and targeting different muscle groups. By utilizing these resources, individuals can work towards improving their physical fitness, achieving weight loss objectives, building muscle, and enhancing overall health.


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