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Active Gym Revolutionizes Fitness with Innovative P.BoxX Program: The Future of Group Workouts

Over the past 15 years, the fitness industry has undergone a real revolution, developing various approaches to training, which in turn has attracted a huge number of people to fitness centers. During this period, group activities have fully entered the gyms and changed the way people train and maintain their fitness.

The benefits of group activities are undeniable. They not only provide an opportunity for physical activity in a pleasant environment but also offer support, sharing, and the exchange of experiences with others who have the same interests. They are an excellent way to feel part of a community, which often contributes to longer-term motivation and commitment to training.

Over the past 15 years, the industry has developed HIIT, Tabata, and Les Mills programs, attracting their audience with a variety of exercises, intense workloads, and group motivation. People today often face the challenge of balancing their busy schedules with a healthy lifestyle. In this situation, HIIT workouts, Tabata and Les Mills programs are an alternative for those who have limited time for fitness. They involve short, intense exercises followed by short periods of rest or low-intensity movement.

Despite the promising methodologies of these programs, recent years have seen a decline due to complex choreographies and low training results. HIIT programs have their drawbacks. The fact that they are high-intensity means that it can be difficult for the body to adapt to the method, especially if the trainee is not used to exercising at this level. High intensity places much more strain on muscles and joints, leading to an increased risk of injuries and longer recovery times. All this makes it difficult to adhere to these programs in the long term. Considering these factors, as well as the changing desires of clients, the fitness industry is developing and offering increasingly new and creative ways for exercise and body shaping.

One such innovative program is P.BoxX, developed by Active Gym in collaboration with the number one fitness chain in Bulgaria – Pulse! Created by Pulse’s top trainers, the program offers over 800 different methodologies suitable for large and small groups, taking into account the level of preparation of the trainees, with the trainer modifying and adjusting the intensity according to the group’s level.


This helps for faster adaptation of the trainees and allows for long-term adherence to the program. With its presentation, the P.BoxX workout caused a huge positive response among the chain’s members and quickly convinced all trainees of its qualities. It is no coincidence that this is the favorite fitness class of thousands of athletes!

The P.BoxX workout is a combination of elements taken from martial arts, strength exercises, and movements for explosiveness, most of which are performed on a special platform. This is an innovative and intense conditioning program aimed at improving physical fitness, coordination, balance, and endurance of the trainees.

What is characteristic of it is that it is done with body weight, can be practiced outdoors, in a gym, or at home. The duration of the workout is between 45-60 minutes, and the calories burned are 1000! This is the ideal way for the trainee to get their entire cardio and strength workout in one session, and the results are:

1. Better Physical Fitness: Each P.BoxX workout is strategically composed to activate different muscle groups, helping build muscle mass, burn fat, and improve overall physical fitness.

2. Improved Balance and Coordination:Combining elements from martial arts with functional exercises, the P.BoxX program develops balance and coordination. Trainees improve their motor skills, which not only increases the effectiveness of the workout but also reduces the risk of injuries.

3. Endurance and Energy: With over 800 different methodologies, P.BoxX trainers adapt the program according to the level of the trainees. This allows for gradual and progressive loading, which is a stimulus for long-term adherence to the program, leading in turn to more endurance, tone, and energy.

4. Motivation and Confidence: P.BoxX is a group activity that, in addition to physical preparation, offers a motivating environment of people with similar interests, who love sports and movement. Support and motivation from the group greatly increase the chances of achieving set fitness goals, and the satisfaction of achieving them fuels confidence in one’s own abilities not only in training but also in daily life.

5. Accessibility and Flexibility of the Program:P.BoxX can be performed anywhere – in the gym, at home, in nature. This makes the program perfect for those looking for a convenient way to improve their physical condition without being limited by place or time.

With its focus on endurance, balance, and strength, P.BoxX offers better physical fitness in a motivating sports environment under the guidance of fitness experts who have proven their qualities and creativity. P.BoxX is a program that will make you stronger, faster, more enduring, and will give you more than any other workout!

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