3-In-1 Multi-Plyo Soft Box Active Gym

Main features

3-in-1 Multi-Plyo Soft Box Active Gym at a top price. Soft Foam Plyo 3 in 1 is suitable for cross-fit and other exercises and has three heights: 51 cm, 61 cm, 75 cm.

<h2>3-In-1 Multi-Plyo Soft Box Active Gym</h2>

<p><strong>The Active Gym Multi-Plyo Soft Box</strong> is a basic fitness enhancement that should be the priority of your shopping list for every fitness. It has the standard size, comfortable for exercises –&nbsp;51 cm x 61 cm x 75 cm, and is very popular in <strong>Functional spheres</strong> and other <strong>group exercises</strong> worldwide.</p>

<p>The <strong>three-height design</strong> allows users to customize the box for <strong>different applications</strong> and also offers scalability for users looking to develop this explosive power from the ground up.</p>

<p>What is important is that a thick foam core achieves the <strong>right balance between hardness and stability</strong>, while providing a softer low-impact solution (compared to wood or metallic alternatives) when users inevitably do <strong>multi-repeat workouts</strong>.</p>

<li><strong>Improved design</strong>, elegant and compatible with the rest of the functional pieces of <strong>equipment of Active Gym;</strong></li>
<li>It can be flipped over to <strong>three different heights</strong>;</li>
<li><strong>Durable vinyl coating</strong> –&nbsp;which makes it easy to clean and hygienic;</li>
<li><strong>Soft foam</strong> absorbs the impact, <strong>reducing the risk of injury;</strong></li>
<li><strong>Different sizes</strong> allow users to progress and it is lightweight and easy to move around.</li>

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