Active Gym 3D Smith Machine

Main features

3D Smith Machine Active Gym is at a great price! 3D Smith Machine is suitable for building muscle and increase your strength.

<h2>Active Gym 3D Smith Machine</h2>

<p><strong>3D Smith Machine Active Gym</strong> is strength equipment, an indispensable element of any <strong>gym</strong>. It provides <strong>multifunctional training</strong> and safety in their implementation. Allows <strong>multiple exercises for all muscles</strong>.</p>

<p>Active Gym is equipment<strong> designed for athletes</strong> that meet the highest demands on <strong>biomechanics</strong>, ergonomics, long service life and safety, ensuring maximum <strong>sporting performance</strong>.</p>

<p><strong>The 3D Smith Machine</strong> is suited for <strong>muscle building</strong> and <strong>increasing your strength</strong>. The device is <strong>equipped with special safety plugs</strong> allowing the bar to stop at any point from the amplitude of movement.</p>

<h3>Basic functions:</h3>

<li>designed for the training of <strong>different groups of muscles</strong> in the whole body;</li>
<li><strong>the bar restraint</strong> ensures safe <strong>execution of presses and squats</strong>;</li>
<li><strong>the bar supports</strong> located at the front of the stand allow for <strong>exercises</strong> with the bar without firm fixation;</li>
<li><strong>the guide rail</strong> provides a natural trajectory of motion during <strong>training</strong>;</li>
<li><strong>the leverage system</strong> along the entire length allows the equipment to be set to the <strong>initial position at any level</strong>;</li>
<li><strong>the six disk storage</strong> brackets help to substantially <strong>reduce the place in the training room</strong>;</li>
<li><strong>the sturdy steel </strong>structure ensures <strong>long service life</strong>;</li>
<li><strong>low starting load</strong> and safety latch allow the use of the appliance by <strong>experienced athletes</strong> as well as novice users;</li>


<li><strong>Length</strong>: 142 cm</li>
<li><strong>Width</strong>: 221 cm</li>
<li><strong>Height</strong>: 236 cm</li>
<li><strong>Weight</strong>: 289 kg</li>

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