Active Gym Functional rig 1,3 m +1,8 m = 3,1 m

Main features

functional rig Active Gym is at a special price. The functional construction is made up of a variety of levers that can be used for pull-ups and placing ropes, rings.

<h2>Active Gym functional rig 1,3 m +1,8 m = 3,1 m</h2>

<p>The construction of the <strong>functional rig</strong> consists of a variety of levers that can be used for pull-ups and also for special accessories – <strong>ropes for functional training</strong>, <strong>rings</strong>, <strong>expanders </strong>and more. An unrepealed part of <strong>functional programs</strong> is <strong>free weights</strong>, and in such cases, <strong>Active Gym functional rig</strong>&nbsp;is provided with bar holders and levers required for power exercises. The <strong>functional rig</strong> has a number of advantages over other simulators and other effective exercise devices:</p>

<li><strong>Multifunctionality</strong>. The design can be successfully used for <strong>weight-lifting exercises</strong>, presses, various exotic types of <strong>squatting </strong>or <strong>jumping</strong>, as well as for <strong>dumbbells</strong>, <strong>rods </strong>and other weights;</li>
<li>Minimum occupied space. <strong>Active Gym functional rig</strong> can be mounted even in a small space in the garage or at home, thanks to which you can train without going to the <strong>fitness club</strong>. In addition, this appliance is indispensable for sports halls, the area of which does not allow the installation of a lot&nbsp;of equipment;</li>
<li><strong>Mobility</strong>, instant deployment and, if necessary, quick dismantling.</li>

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