Active Gym Jumping Rope

Main features

Active Gym Jumping Rope is at a great price. The Jumping Rope is made of silicone and is a good hit for your daily workouts.

<h2>Active Gym Jumping Rope</h2>

<p><strong>Active Gym Jumping Rope</strong> is suitable for both <strong>beginners and professionals</strong>. This product performs two main functions. Experts advise being used as an active recreation between exercises – especially if they are done in a <strong>sitting position</strong>. This does not reduce your heartbeat, and you continue to burn calories and at the same time <strong>gain muscle mass</strong>. <strong>Active Gym Jumping Rope&nbsp;</strong>is the most effective type of <strong>cardio workout</strong>. It’s a great alternative to <strong>running</strong>, which takes a lot more time. The <strong>Jumping Rope</strong> is a universal device. First – it is the most <strong>portable fitness equipment</strong> of all existing ones. Second – allows <strong>multiple exercises</strong> for different body parts. If you want to <strong>work over your thighs</strong> – choose to <strong>squat</strong>, if you are excited by the <strong>press </strong>- jump with your raised knees high. For beautiful sculpted arms and calves, make <strong>double jumps</strong>.</p>

<p><strong>Active Gym</strong> is an excellent option for <strong>cardio workouts</strong> in the home or in the gym. By <strong>jogging</strong> regularly, you will not only lose weight but also strengthen your cardiovascular and respiratory systems, develop your stamina, <strong>improve blood circulation</strong>. <strong>Jumping ropes</strong>&nbsp;are an excellent way to <strong>fight cellulite</strong>, get rid of excess fat on your legs and thighs, but also tighten the press and the arms muscles.</p>

<p><strong>Material</strong>: <strong>wood and polyester</strong></p>

<p>Size: 520 cm</p><p>Weight: 400 gr</p>

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