Active Gym Leather Fitness Belt M / L / XL

Main features

Active Gym Leather Fitness Belt M / L / XL is at a top price. The Leather Fitness Belt is indispensable for reverse traction, rod-riding, tilting and protects the spine from trauma.

<h2>Active Gym Leather Fitness Belt M / L / XL</h2>

<p><strong>Active Gym Leather Fitness Belt M / L / XL&nbsp;</strong>is indispensable in <strong>strength exercises</strong> with heavy sports attributes (<strong>bars </strong>or <strong>dumbbells</strong>) that require <strong>special safety precautions</strong>. <strong>Experienced athletes</strong> and instructors recommend its use as a backbone during <strong>strength training</strong>. During the exercising,&nbsp;the main workload is on the spine. <strong>Active Gym Leather Fitness Belt</strong> is a must-have element of <strong>sports equipment</strong> for athletes who are seriously engaged in <strong>heavy athletics</strong>, <strong>powerlifting</strong>, and <strong>bodybuilding</strong>. Its principle of action is very simple and at the same time effective. Place the <strong>belt on the waist</strong> and fix it well. During a <strong>strength fitness training</strong>, it <strong>holds his abdomen</strong> and <strong>keeps the spine</strong> upright. This allows the loading on the waist and spine. And the tension in the <strong>abdominal muscles</strong> helps to lift big weight.</p>

<p><strong>Active Gym Leather Fitness Belt</strong> is made of thick leather and has an expanded back for maximum protection. It is suitable for performance of <strong>power-exercises on a sloping bench</strong>. The belt keeps the waist as an extra corset and prevents bending and shifting of the vertebrae. <strong>Active Gym Leather Fitness Belt </strong>is indispensable in <strong>reverse traction</strong>, rod squats, <strong>inclined traction</strong>.</p>

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