Active Gym Speed Ladder

Main features

Active Gym Speed Ladder is at a premium price. A Speed Ladder improves the acceleration, the lateral speed makes its way.

<h2>Active Gym Speed Ladder</h2>

<p>If you want to <strong>increase your speed</strong>, <strong>agility</strong>, <strong>coordination</strong>, <strong>balance</strong>, <strong>acceleration </strong>- qualities that are so important in a <strong>team sports</strong>, <strong>martial arts</strong>, athletics and fitness, the <strong>Active Gym Speed Ladder</strong> is <strong>sports equipment</strong> that you need! It is the <strong>best option for building speed</strong> and is widely used by athletes and coaches in <strong>football</strong>, <strong>basketball</strong>, <strong>volleyball </strong>and more. For <strong>leg swift workout</strong> – <strong>training legs</strong> at varying pace and direction, <strong>dribbling</strong>, frequency. The <strong>Active Gym Speed Ladder</strong> can also be used for good performance and <strong>stretching of the joints</strong> before an <strong>intense workout</strong>. It works not only for <strong>large muscles</strong> but also for those that are close to the bone apparatus and form the basis of the <strong>locomotory system</strong>. They are the most difficult to train <strong>muscles </strong>because they are deep and can be triggered by a limited number of exercises. The <strong>Active Gym Speed Ladder</strong> is designed in a way that helps to <strong>improve body control</strong> and allows you to <strong>increase the speed of the feet</strong>, and in particular the feet and the reactions of the <strong>ankle muscles</strong>.</p>

<h3>Description of the product:</h3>

<li>The <strong>distance </strong>between the steps <strong>can be adjusted</strong></li>
<li>The <strong>flat steps</strong> easily lie flat on the ground</li>
<li>The ground stakes for outdoor use <strong>keep the ladder in place</strong></li>
<li><strong>Improved acceleration</strong>, lateral speed, and direction change</li>
<li>Get more body control by <strong>improving flexibility</strong></li>
<li>Adapt the training to <strong>sport-specific movements</strong> to improve <strong>muscle memory</strong></li>

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