Active Gym Yoga Belts

Main features

Active Gym yoga belts are at an attractive price. Yoga belts are sturdy, non-slip and non-stretchable, adjustable depending on the height.

<h2>Active Gym Yoga Belts</h2>

<p><strong>Active Gym Yoga Belts</strong> are one of the most commonly used accessories, especially for <strong>beginners</strong>. While the body of the trainer is unprepared and the <strong>muscles are stiff</strong>, this attribute rescues from stretching and <strong>helps in performing many asanas</strong>. If you are unable to reach your arms or legs, then by placing your belts you are better able to get the proper posture. <strong>Active Gym Yoga Belts</strong> can also be used to <strong>increase workload in practice</strong>.</p>

<p>The main goal of <strong>yoga </strong>is the feeling of relaxation. Naturally, performing <strong>sophisticated asanas</strong>, the trainer involuntarily strains, and hence –&nbsp;moves away from the main goal, as a result of which the meaning of all classes is simply lost. In this context, <strong>Active Gym Yoga Belts</strong> serve as reliable support and helper. Using them is a good way to <strong>help practice yoga</strong> (no matter what level you are). Thus, you will learn to <strong>better align the posture</strong> and, accordingly, better understand it.</p>

<p>Product information:</p>

<li>Using <strong>yoga belts</strong> will help you build more confidence in your familiar poses and encourage you to try those you’ve assumed to be too difficult to perform.</li>
<li>They are extremely useful for people with <strong>less flexibility</strong>, helping them to <strong>catch their limbs</strong>, which they do not reach and thus fulfill the posture and stay in it for a longer time.</li>
<li>Made of <strong>high-quality cotton</strong>, they are robust, <strong>slip resistant</strong> and non-stretchable.</li>
<li>The metal, stainless steel rings allow you to <strong>adjust the length of your belt</strong>, depending on your height and position.</li>
<li>Available in <strong>different colors</strong>.</li>

<p><strong>Dimensions</strong>: Length 160 cm, Width 3.8 cm</p>

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