Aerobic Step Active Gym

Main features

Active Gym Aerobic Step is at an exceptional price. The Aerobic Step has a height adjustment function and a special anti-slip coating.

<h2>Aerobic Step&nbsp;Active Gym</h2>

<p>Thanks to the training with <strong>Active Gym Aerobic Step</strong>, the <strong>muscles of the lower back&nbsp;</strong>and the legs are overtaken, as well as the abs. Stinging for about half an hour helps <strong>burn 150-250 kcal</strong>, with the indicators showing the intuition of the athlete’s attitudes and weight. <strong>Aerobic Step&nbsp;Active Gym</strong> works not only to <strong>reduce weight</strong>, but also to <strong>reduce muscle mass</strong>. The regular exercise of this appliance helps to <strong>tighten the buttocks and thighs</strong>, improving the shape of the calves. It triggers the <strong>muscles of the abdomen</strong>, <strong>reduces weight,</strong> <strong>improves stamina</strong> and relief, increases the effectiveness of performing breathing exercises. <strong>Active Gym Aerobic Step</strong>&nbsp;stimulates the production of dopamine. This hormone <strong>helps fighting stress</strong>. In the throes of the senses, <strong>blood circulation is stimulated</strong> in the lower part of the body, and this, in turn, <strong>removes cellulite</strong>. If you are able to combine the activities of <strong>Aerobic Step&nbsp;Active Gym</strong>, you will achieve a beautiful shape and beauty of the body, improve your self-esteem and <strong>strengthen your health</strong>!</p>

<h3>Product information:</h3>

<li><strong>Length</strong>: 108 cm</li>
<li><strong>Width</strong>: 42 cm</li>
<li><strong>Height</strong>: Adjustable to 21cm</li>
<li>The base and legs are <strong>specially coated</strong> to <strong>prevent from slipping</strong></li>

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