Bar Pad Active Gym

Main features

Active Gym Bar Pad is at a great price. Bar Pad is made of high-quality foam.

<h2>Bar Pad Active Gym</h2>

<p><strong>Bar Pad Active Gym</strong> <strong>protects the neck and shoulders</strong> during <strong>training with bars</strong>. Allows you to increase the degree of comfort in <strong>performing various exercises</strong>. It is designed to <strong>prevent scratches, bruises, scratches</strong> at the points of contact of the bar with the skin. <strong>Bar Pad Active Gym</strong> is a close-up accessory that can <strong>help you train</strong> even with <strong>heavier weights</strong>. Thanks to the comfortable weight distribution on the whole body, the <strong>training process</strong> becomes a pleasant activity. <strong>Bar Pad Active Gym</strong> is made of high-quality foam, soft and acts as a silencer between the skin and <strong>muscles of the shoulders</strong> (middle and posterior deltoid muscles), the upper back (<strong>trapezoid</strong>) and the bar. Putting it on is easy by literally wrapping the bar and controlling its position.</p>

<h3>Product information:</h3>

<li><strong>Material</strong>: High-quality foam</li>
<li><strong>Size</strong>: 45 cm</li>

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