Fitness Bulgarian Bag Active Gym 5 – 30 kg

Main features

Bulgarian Fitness Bag for functional exercises of the brand Active Gym is at an incredible price. A Bulgarian Fitness Bag is a good alternative to medical balls and has improved resistance.

<h2>Fitness Bulgarian Bag Active Gym 5 – 30 kg</h2>

<p><strong>Fitness Bulgarian Bag Active Gym </strong>is a simple, versatile, efficient and innovative <strong>fitness tool</strong> that is suitable for <strong>strength</strong>, functional, <strong>aerobic</strong>, functional and <strong>MMA workouts</strong>. By practicing with <strong>Fitness Bulgarian Bag</strong>, you do not just pump your <strong>muscles </strong>but exercise blasting <strong>strength</strong>, <strong>muscle stamina</strong>, and coordination, the cardiovascular system. <strong>Training </strong>with this appliance is more physiological than <strong>jogging </strong>and jogging exercises.</p>

<p>Its advantages are that the <strong>sand in the bag</strong> does not have a permanent structure, so by exercising with it, you must always activate more strength, energy, more <strong>muscle groups</strong>, and physical body reserves than in an "iron" <strong>workout </strong>with the same weight. The special position of the handles of <strong>Fitness Bulgarian Bag Active Gym</strong>, the absence of a permanent shape, the ability to adjust the weight – allow performing a huge amount of <strong>different exercises</strong>, working on <strong>all groups of muscles</strong>, using different types of load. <strong>Fitness Bulgarian Bag Active Gym</strong> can also be used as an extra weight for sprints and <strong>crosses</strong>;</p>

<li>One of the most flexible products such as <strong>fitness equipment </strong>on the market</li>
<li>Exercise in 3 planes to ensure <strong>complete body workout</strong></li>
<li>Improved durability, <strong>functionality </strong>and aesthetics.</li>
<li>For energy lost leading to <strong>accelerating metabolism</strong></li>
<li>It can be thrown and caught as an alternative to <strong>medical balls</strong></li>
<li>Widely used in areas for <strong>functional training</strong>, cross-country skiing, mountain walks, <strong>MMA</strong>, <strong>Boxing clubs</strong> and rehabilitation facilities.</li>
<li><strong>Variations</strong>: 5 kg / 8 kg / 10 kg / 12 kg / 15 kg / 20 kg / 25 / 30 kg</li>

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