Foam Roller 90 cm Active Gym

Main features

Foam Roller 90 cmActive Gym is at a good price. Foam Roller 90 cmis suitable for heating and stamping and provides deeper muscle compression.

<h2>Foam Roller 90 cm Active Gym&nbsp;</h2>

<p><strong>Active Gym Foam Roller</strong> is thick and has a stronger effect on overloaded and <strong>tired muscles</strong> and fascia, giving a toning effect. By using only the weight of your body and this <strong>Foam Roller</strong>, you can give yourself a massage that is known as <strong>myofascial release</strong>.</p>

<p><strong>Foam Roller</strong> is known in pilates and is <strong>physiotherapy equipment</strong> actively used for group and <strong>individual classes</strong>. It helps trigger the so-called stabilizing muscles and the "dead" muscles on the back, which improves the body. This device helps to <strong>straighten the spine</strong> and to remove tension from it. The <strong>Foam Roller</strong> complements the workout perfectly, helps <strong>strengthen the buttocks, the hips, back, and arms</strong>, creating extra balance to maintain balance.</p>

<h3>Product information:</h3>

<li>Perfect for <strong>removing pain, tension and muscle fatigue</strong></li>
<li>Great for <strong>heating </strong>and dissipation</li>
<li><strong>Waterproof and latex-free</strong></li>
<li>Ideal for thick tissue or for <strong>deeper muscle compression</strong></li>
<li><strong>Dimensions</strong>: 90 cm x 15 cm;</li>

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