Functional Sled Active Gym TANK

Main features

functional Tank Sled Active Gym is at a bargain price. functional Tank Sled has three levels of resistance and trains the muscles of the legs, back and shoulder belt.

<h2>functional Tank Sled Active Gym</h2>

<p><strong>functional </strong>is a <strong>sporting discipline</strong>, rich in a <strong>variety of exercises</strong> and an unusual approach to <strong>sports equipment</strong>. A striking example of this is the completely unique <strong>functional Tank Sled Active Gym</strong>. It is a great way to <strong>train many muscle groups</strong> and develops a monstrous explosive force and strength endurance on the muscles of the legs, back and shoulder belt. <strong>Exercises </strong>are not devoid of technical subtleties and underwater stones. They are a good indicator of the body’s <strong>functional abilities</strong>, so pushing or pulling the sled is a must-have element of very large functional competitions. The use of <strong>functional Tank Sled Active Gym</strong>&nbsp;in the <strong>training process</strong> can be varied. Each of the ways to work with it brings the benefit of the athlete.</p>

<p>The feeling of <strong>increasing the resistance at high speed</strong> causes a surprising "wow" reaction and is a <strong>unique exercise </strong>that consumers can enjoy. You can choose from <strong>three levels of resistance</strong> and <strong>accelerate and decrease speed</strong> by varying the intensity at different tracks or within the same range. It can be stopped immediately or reduced to a level where you feel safer. <strong>Active Gym Tank Sled</strong> has the ability to place weights and accessories on two distinct shanks to help with a <strong>complete workout</strong> in any place – indoors or outdoors. The <strong>Active Gym Tank Sled</strong> can also be a stand for <strong>battle ropes</strong>, resistors, and other gadgets. The soft inflated wheels of the sled are light and comfortable for soft and hard flooring as well as for natural grass. Resilience is ensured in both directions, <strong>eliminating the danger of turning the sled</strong>. This narrows the space required for your "TANK ZONE".</p>

<p>Length: 130 cm<br />
Width: 81 cm<br />
Height: 95 cm<br />
Weight: 68 kg</p>

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