Functional Sled Active Gym

Main features

functional Sled Active Gym is at a bargain price. functional Sled train the muscles of the legs, back and shoulder belt.

<h2>functional Sled Active Gym</h2>

<p>Professional Cross Slide, in the highest quality, contains a lot of options for healthy functional exercises, so you can strengthen muscle mass, explosiveness and the vital stamina.</p>

<p>Cross sleds are also called Prowder or Prowler. This sled can be pushed and pulled.</p>

<p>Our Cross Sleds Pro is especially suitable for helmets, professional athletes and explosive sports in general.</p>

<p>Wall leather works best with soft surfaces – indoors on, for example, artificial grass or coarse flooring with soft tops or outdoors on grass.</p>

<p><strong>Important: 30% rule</strong><br />
Intensive sports research shows that you can apply exactly as much weight that the sprint is subsequently reduced by max 30%. Then start your test without Bumper plates.</p>


<p>Dimensions: 61 x 102 cm<br />
Weight: 41&nbsp;kg</p>

<p>Material: Steel<br />
Colour: Black</p>

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