Horizontal Bench Press Premium Series Active Gym

Main features

Horizontal Bench Press Premium Series Active Gym is an indispensable tool for any gym that allows you to perform a classic version of abs with weights – a basic exercise for the development of the chest muscles.

<h1>Horizontal Bench Press Premium Series Active Gym</h1>

<p data-pm-slice="1 1 []" dir="auto"><b>This horizontal bench press </b>is designed for the premium bench press. It has a very durable, steel frame for stability and longevity. It can easily be adjusted to the height of any user and has a 4-inch long roller pad for comfort. The bench also has two wheels on the end, enabling easy movement and storage.</p><p dir="auto">The Horizontal Bench Press is a fitness machine designed for pro-style workouts, at home or in the gym. We have taken into consideration every aspect of a traditional bench press to make it an ideal fitness machine for you! With a wide range of weight resistance, it’s also a great option for strengthening your core. You can use a weight bar or dumbbells to get the same workout intensity you see at the gym.</p>

<p>Size: 140х107х136 cm<br>
Weight: 40.6 kg</p>

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