Men Fitness Power Lifting Gloves Active Gym

Main features

Men Fitness Power Lifting Gloves Active Gym are at a unique price. Men Fitness Power Lifting Gloves are in different colors and sizes L, XL.

<h2>Men Fitness Power Lifting Gloves Active Gym</h2>

<p><strong>Men Fitness Power Lifting Gloves</strong>&nbsp;make the <strong>workout </strong>more <strong>effective</strong>. Thanks to the <strong>soft pads embedded</strong> in them, they help to improve grip on the hands with sports gear, <strong>dumbbells </strong>or <strong>rods</strong>. <strong>Men Fitness Power Lifting Gloves</strong> with wrists <strong>reduce the pressure</strong> on the limbs if the athlete raises heavyweights by slowing down the tiredness of the hands. <strong>Men Fitness Power Lifting Gloves&nbsp;</strong>contribute to safety in sports. Sweating may be a bad joke if, for example, the hands&nbsp;are slipping and the dumbbell or cannot be held back. <strong>Men Fitness Power Lifting Gloves</strong> help for a <strong>reliable, robust grip</strong>, reducing the risk of getting traumatic. They fit perfectly on the arm, thus<strong> preventing wrists from stretching</strong>. Their use <strong>prevents skin infections</strong> caused by the bacteria left by the appliances from many visitors, and also helps protect hands from lashes, scratches and bruises.</p>

<li><strong>Material</strong>: 50% artificial leather, 25% nylon, 15% polyester, 10% spandex</li>
<li><strong>Color</strong>: Gray / Red / Blue</li>
<li><strong>Sizes</strong>: L / XL</li>

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