Olympic E-Z Bar 50 mm, 10 kg, 120 cm Active Gym

Main features

Olympic E-Z Bar 50 mm, 10 kg, 120 cm Active Gym is at a great price. The Olympic E-Z Bar has tempered chroming and 8 needle bearings.

<h2>Olympic E-Z Bar 50 mm, 10 kg, 120 cm Active Gym&nbsp;</h2>

<p><strong>Olympic E-Z&nbsp;Bar Active Gym</strong> is a standardized and classic <strong>power training solution</strong>. Its task is to <strong>ease the performance of some exercises</strong>, and its main advantage is that it takes the harmful burden from the precursor part of the athlete when performing the <strong>biceps press</strong>. <strong>Olympic E-Z&nbsp;Bar Active Gym</strong> helps in the popular triceps "<strong>French press</strong>". This accessory allows you to create a rational <strong>schedule of workouts</strong> and achieve results for a short period of time. With his help the <strong>chest is tightened</strong>, the waist and the neck are formed, the muscles of the body are tightened, the <strong>muscular relief is improved</strong>. The <strong>Olympic E-Z&nbsp;Bar Active Gym</strong> is made of steel and has a <strong>double chromed finish</strong>, allowing <strong>weight adjustment</strong> at the expense of the bearings with which it is fitted. Its unusual shape acts favorably to infuse the <strong>main muscles of the press</strong>, forming a sturdy torso, a vestibular apparatus, and a cross. The bar is <strong>resistant to deformations</strong> due to <strong>intense training</strong> rhythm and takes up very little space. It will diversify the <strong>strength exercises</strong> and provide the desired level of exercise.</p>

<h3>Product information:</h3>

<li>Toughened chromium</li>
<li><strong>8 ball bearings</strong></li>
<li>28mm grip</li>
<li><strong>Weight</strong>: 10 kg</li>
<li><strong>Length:&nbsp;</strong>120 cm</li>
<li><strong>Diameter</strong>: 50 mm</li>

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