Power Bands 6.4 – 83 mm Active Gym

Main features

Power Bands Active Gym are at a great price. Power Bands are available in sizes 6.4 mm; 13 mm; 22 mm; 32 mm; 45 mm; 64 mm; 83 mm.

<h2>Power Bands 6.4 – 83 mm Active Gym</h2>

<h3>Product information:</h3>

<li>Available in <strong>7 sizes</strong></li>
<li>The <strong>width varies</strong>, which determines the resistance – the wider the band, the greater the resistance</li>
<li><strong>Perfect for circular workouts</strong>, functional training, and more</li>
<li>Seamless <strong>latex rubber</strong></li>
<li><strong>Very durable</strong></li>
<li>Can be used with Olympic, Trap and curved bars</li>
<li>They can be used alone or with <strong>small weights</strong></li>

<h3>Basic functions:</h3>

<li><strong>Speed training</strong></li>
<li><strong>Fast workouts</strong></li>
<li>Jump resistance</li>
<li>As an alternative to <strong>permanent cable exercises</strong></li>
<li><strong>Prevention </strong>and rehabilitation</li>
<li><strong>Specific sports training</strong> such as MMA</li>

<h3>Resistance force:</h3>

<p>The resistances are for one band and equate to the approximate load with <strong>slight elongation</strong> and to maximum elongation (or <strong>maximum load</strong>)</p>

<p>6.4 mm = 4&nbsp;–&nbsp;10 kg (Light Blue or Yellow)<br />
13 mm = 5&nbsp;–&nbsp;15 kg (Red)<br />
22 mm = 8&nbsp;–&nbsp;23 kg (Purple)<br />
32 mm = 15&nbsp;–&nbsp;36 kg (Black)<br />
44 mm = 23 –&nbsp;54 kg (Green)<br />
64 mm = 27 –&nbsp;68 kg (Blue)<br />
83 mm = 35&nbsp;–&nbsp;79 kg (Orange)<br />
<em>* Do not overload or stretch too much to avoid damage and/or injuries.</em></p>

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