Studio Dumbbell Rack Active Gym

Main features

Studio Dumbbell Rack Active Gym at super price. Studio Dumbbell Rack holds up to 42 pairs of dumbbells and is a great solution for maintaining order.

<h2>Studio Dumbbell Rack Active Gym</h2>

<p><strong>Active Gym Studio Dumbbell Rack</strong> offers users a great solution for storing <strong>Active Gym Studio Dumbbells</strong>. Up to 42 pairs of <strong>Studio Dumbbells</strong> (<strong>Neoprene dumbbells Active Gym</strong>) can be placed in the rack. The sturdy&nbsp;<strong>Active Gym Dumbbell Studio</strong> has a solid foundation and thanks to this construction it is quite compact and comfortable and does not take up much space in the room. This <strong>Studio Dumbbell Rack</strong> <strong>Active Gym</strong> will keep your free weight area organized and clean. Helps reduce room in the hall without losing functionality. It has a compact shape and superb capacity. <strong>Studio Dumbbell Rack</strong> <strong>Active Gym</strong> ensures reliable placement of accessories, ensuring that their perfect condition is maintained for a long time.</p>

<li>Keeps up to <strong>42 pairs of studio dumbbells</strong></li>
<li><strong>Wheels </strong>for easy moving of the stand</li>
<li>Slots are designed for <strong>dumbbells </strong>from 1kg to 5kg</li>
<li>Robust tubular <strong>steel frame</strong></li>

<p><em>* Dumbbells are not included in the price!</em></p>

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