Tatami mat 1 sq. m. , 4cm

Main features

Flooring for fitness halls and home suitable for any kind of sport. The price offered by the store is 1 sq. m. and 4cm thickness.

<p><strong>Tatami </strong>is a traditional <strong>Japanese training floor.</strong> It is mainly used for <strong>training </strong>and terrain for athletes that sports <strong>judo</strong>, <strong>karate</strong>, <strong>aikido </strong>and popularly practiced gymnastics. This is a surface on which each karateka is obliged to play. It is <strong>softer </strong>and does not allow the athletes to jump. This flooring is usually very expensive and not all rooms are equipped with it. We at <strong>Pulse Shop</strong> offer this product at an affordable price for the <strong>second-hand quality</strong>.</p>

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