Tire Flip Active Gym

Main features

Tire Flip Active Gym is at a great price. The Tire Flip combines the power of the whole body, raw strength, cardio and mobility.

<h2>Tire Flip Active Gym&nbsp;</h2>

<h3>TireFlip 180</h3>

<p><strong>Active Gym Tire Flip</strong> is a tool for <strong>functional training</strong>, including half a tractor tire mounted on a <strong>180-degree swivel hinge</strong>. A circumstance that helps the <strong>exercise </strong>to be performed alone or with a stationary partner. <strong>Tire training</strong> combines the power of the whole body, <strong>raw strength</strong>, <strong>cardio</strong>, and mobility. The movement from the beginning to the end of the <strong>tire reversal</strong> uses your entire body, providing a dynamic <strong>combination of muscles</strong> for an awesome <strong>workout </strong>that loads both the <strong>muscles </strong>and the <strong>aerobic system</strong>. This is one of the best and most physically demanding <strong>strengths and conditioning exercises</strong> you can do. You can use <strong>Active Gym Tire Flip</strong> for a variety of purposes – <strong>tire reversal</strong>, <strong>jumping</strong>, <strong>push-ups</strong>, lane training, step training, individual or <strong>group training</strong>, and more. <strong>Active Gym Tire Flip</strong> is an innovative functional simulator that retains all the benefits of <strong>tire training</strong>, but makes them safer and reduces the area they need. You no longer need as much as you need ordinary tires and you should not worry that <strong>athletes training</strong> near you can get trauma.</p>

<li><strong>Load</strong> (tire weight): 80 kg</li>
<li><strong>Total weight + tire weight</strong>: 125 kg</li>
<li><strong>Dimensions</strong>: 165 cm x 125 cm x 51 cm</li>

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