Treadmill with 20 inch Touchscreen Active Gym

Main features

20′ Touchscreen Treadmill Active Gym is at a great price! 20′ Touchscreen Treadmill ensures the individual character of the workout and the possibility of using the modern network technologies.

<h2>Active Gym 20′ Touchscreen Treadmill</h2>

<p><strong>20′ Touchscreen Treadmill </strong>is an <strong>ultra-modern treadmill</strong> combining ergonomics and an innovative digital interface that provides the individual workout and the opportunity for using the modern networking.<br />
<strong>Active Gym</strong> is <strong>equipment designed for athletes </strong>that meet the highest demands on biomechanics, long service life, and safety, ensuring <strong>maximum sporting performance</strong>.<br />
The appliance offers a very <strong>wide runway</strong>. Combined with the flat design of the engine casing, extra space for a <strong>cardio workout</strong> is released, and the materials used in its manufacture are low-friction, reducing energy consumption by 30% compared to the <strong>best in this class</strong>. The soft surface of the canvas automatically and dynamically adapts to <strong>different running styles</strong>. The user has the option to <strong>adjust the speed and slope</strong> without changing the pace of the <strong>training program</strong>.</p>


<li><strong>Length&nbsp;</strong>(mm | in): 2060 | 82</li>
<li><strong>Width&nbsp;</strong>(mm | in): 885 | 35</li>
<li><strong>Height&nbsp;</strong>(mm | in): 1605 | 63</li>

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