Triceps Rope Cable Attachment Active Gym

Main features

Triceps Rope Cable Attachment Active Gym is at an attractive price. Triceps Rope Cable Attachment is suitable for muscle building in triceps and biceps.

<h2>Triceps Rope Cable Attachment Active Gym</h2>

<p>The application of this device is the intense <strong>power handling of triceps</strong>, <strong>biceps</strong>, <strong>shoulders, </strong>and press with maximum efficiency. It will make your <strong>deltoid muscles</strong>, <strong>biceps</strong>, <strong>triceps</strong>, <strong>shoulders </strong>and press <strong>strong </strong>and embossed.</p>

<p>Supergravity professional <strong>strength training</strong> accessory <strong>Triceps Rope Cable Attachment Active Gym</strong> is an ideal tool for making <strong>triceps, biceps, twist</strong>, and many more.</p>

<p>Its construction is made of polypropylene with <strong>hard rubber grips</strong> for a reliable grip and is suitable for <strong>training </strong>with a standard weight of a cable simulator.</p>

<h3>Sample exercises:</h3>

<li>Attach the <strong>triceps rope</strong> to the <strong>rope simulator</strong>&nbsp;</li>
<li>Choose the right weight</li>
<li>Grab the <strong>rope </strong>with both hands</li>
<li>Drag it down to the ground</li>
<li>Go back to the <strong>starting position</strong></li>

<p>The <strong>biceps </strong>and <strong>triceps</strong>, as a rule, are the focus of athletes interested in developing and maintaining the tone of muscular hands. But a lot of effort has to be done to develop the <strong>triceps </strong>that are located in the prehistoric part. The most appropriate assistant in this activity is always a <strong>Triceps Rope Cable Attachment</strong>.</p>

<h3>Product information:</h3>

<li>Perfect for <strong>building muscles in triceps and biceps</strong></li>
<li>Diameter: 23 mm</li>
<li>Length: 71 cm</li>

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