TRX Active Gym

Main features

TRX Active Gym is at the top price. The TRX set engages a wide range of muscle groups and improves body strength.

<h2>TRX Active Gym</h2>

<p>Practical and versatile <strong>TRX Active Gym</strong> is designed for complete homework and for <strong>simulator classes in the gym</strong>. The <strong>fitness kit</strong> is a true <strong>training system</strong> for all the required <strong>muscle groups</strong>. You can work at home, in the wild, even when you are on a business trip. The popularity of this <strong>fitness enhancement</strong> and its assistance in <strong>strength training</strong> are confirmed by <strong>professional athletes</strong>. <strong>TRX Active Gym</strong> offers unlimited potential for growth from simple basic movements and exercises.</p>

<li><strong>TRX&nbsp;Active Gym </strong>engages a wide range of <strong>muscle groups</strong> at once, improving the <strong>strength and mobility of the whole body</strong>.</li>
<li>Designed for the gym, the <strong>TRX </strong>has antimicrobial-treated rubber handles with textures, improved strap, adjustable and padded legs, and a carabiner to protect against theft.</li>
<li>Independent studies have shown that <strong>TRX </strong>provides benefits to the <strong>muscles </strong>and the cardiovascular system by affecting the overall health of the user.</li>

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