Women Fitness Slim Gloves Active Gym Pro Grip

Main features

Active Gym Slim Gloves are at a unique price. Women Fitness Slim Gloves are in different colors and sizes S, M, L.

<h2>Women Fitness Slim Gloves Active Gym&nbsp;</h2>

<p><strong>Active Gym Women Fitness Slim Gloves </strong>are one of the most important <strong>exercise accessories in the gym</strong>. If male hands can withstand fingers without wounds and sores, then the tender women&#39;s hands are just needed protective means.</p>


<p><strong>Active Gym Women Fitness Slim Gloves</strong> are just needed for comfortable work with <strong>sports inventory</strong> such as <strong>levers and dumbbells</strong>. They allow you to <strong>hold the lever</strong> tightly without ellipse, thus making your <strong>workout safe</strong>. <strong>Women Fitness Slim Gloves</strong> help <strong>reduce the pressure of the treadmill</strong> on the palm. Thanks to them, it is possible to <strong>prevent</strong> the <strong>appearance of corns</strong>, scratches or bruises on the arm. <strong>Active Gym Women Fitness Slim Gloves</strong> <strong>protect the wrists</strong>. Quite often, when <strong>weight increases</strong>, the joints suffer, especially if you do not stretch them well before training. Gloves<strong> fix the wrists</strong> naturally, thus protecting them from trauma. Another advantage is that they <strong>absorb moisture</strong> by making the <strong>workout </strong>comfortable. Last but not least, this accessory <strong>avoids contact with bacteria</strong> that anyway remain on the trainers after the many visitors who have practiced them. Active Fitness Gloves Slim Gloves will help you protect yourself by giving you a sense of cleanliness and convenience.</p>

<p><strong>Material</strong>: 50% nylon, 40% polyester, 10% spandex</p>

<p><strong>Grey color</strong></p>

<p><strong>Sizes</strong>: S / M / L</p>

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