Three chalanges that fitness industry face

The fitness and healthy lifestyle market is constantly growing and has surpassed 100 billion dollars globally. It has become an exciting segment for investors, fitness nutrition, equipment producers, entrepreneurs, and innovators. New products, fitness chains, suppliers, and concepts are constantly introduced in the market, driving growth and customer behavior. Both short—and long-term analytics indicate the industry’s growth will continue.  

The manufacture of fitness equipment plays a vital role in this industry, and while it is an attractive area for investments and opportunities, it does not come without challenges. It is often the biggest part of the primary investment, and the return on this investment depends on some important elements. We call them gaps.

  1. 1. The investment and return gap. As in most markets, large global manufacturers drive innovation, prices, and distribution. In fitness, some of these producers are dominating the market, and this has some negative side effects. They can dictate prices and delivery time and block competitors, which has long-term negative effects on both the investor and the end user. 

When starting a new fitness chain or running an existing one, you have to be smart. Make sure you invest in the most profitable equipment. And by profitable, we mean the equipment with the best return on investment ratio – both short term and long term. This mean the most durable, long-lasting, and service-friendly – at a reasonable price.

  • 2. The delivery gap – Large fitness equipment producers prioritize serving large sports chains and give long delivery times to smaller ones. Many fitness equipment manufacturers offer production processes with deliveries over 30 weeks. For many customers, this is an extremely long time and puts them in difficult situations. They must invest in part payments, wait a long time before they start making money, and are vulnerable to competitors and market shifts for a long time before they can open. This increases risk for both investors and customers.
  • 3. The maintenance gap – Once you get your fitness equipment, time start ticking. The frequency of service and maintenance is important to consider before you invest. The longer it can be used before it needs maintenance and the faster it can be fixed if it breaks, is crucial for your return on investment. Make sure you select equipment with a solid service and maintenance plan. Broken equipment is bad for business, creating unhappy customers and negative results. Quality equipment from serious suppliers has long run-times and has a fast and effective service system. 

It is important for every company investing in fitness equipment to close these gaps as much as possible. Every business face challenges, whether you are new entering the market, or have been in business for years. Financial situations change, market conditions change, customer behavior change, new trends emerge, etc. How fast and effective you are able to adapt and find better solutions will determine your success. The founders of Active gym have been on both sides of the table and know first-hand how fast things change, the value of high quality and reasonable prices. We design equipment and solutions meeting all these industry challenges. Together with our customers we become partners creating a more profitable business for you. We have been more than 7 years in the market and we have a solid growth because we do things right:

  1. 1. Competitive prices – We recognize the “return on investment gap” and keep production cost as low as possible. This way we are able to deliver higher quality equipment at more competitive prices. 

Every investor is looking for ways to maximize returns on their investments. The price list that the company works with makes their fitness equipment accessible to a wide audience of customers and follows the maxim that sport should be accessible to everyone, without compromising on quality and efficiency. Active gym, together with the best European technologists, develops its own matrices for cardio, strength and other fitness equipment, which provides partners with reliable, durable and functional equipment at excellent prices, meeting the highest standards in the industry.

  • 2. Efficient delivery solutions

Active gym also recognize the challenges with “delivery gap”. That is why we produce most of our equipment within EU saving many weeks in delivery to our local markets. We also overproduce and keep stock to be able to deliver faster when customer need. We have a solid cooperation with leading transport companies ensuring efficient transportation of large and heavy loads to the required location both fast and effective.

  • 3. Quality and maintanance

We understand the negative impact of equipment breaking down or service issues. That is why we don’t compromise when choosing materials in our productions. We make equipment that last! In addition, we have a large technical team that serves all of Europe, there are teams in more than 8 countries, such as Turkey (mainly located in Istanbul and Izmir) and already the Middle East – Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. It is important for your business that our service team react quickly, have all required spare parts constantly available and keeping your gym running. 

With Active Gym we understand the challenges, we design equipment and solutions making your investments more profitable over time. Our continuous focus on product and solution development will always keep us in the frontier of the gym business. Together we will create the best user experience for your customers.

Active Gym equipment is characterized by high quality, modern and innovative design. All our equipment is designed by professional athletes and physicians for maximum effect and tension to the muscles customizable to individual anatomy. All our products hold numerous quality and safety certificates, ensuring that they meet and exceed European and local standards.

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