Locking collar for bars 50mm Active Gym

Main features

Locking collar 50mm Active Gym are at a great price.

<h2>Locking collar for bars&nbsp;50mm Active Gym &ndash; pair</h2>

<p><strong>Locking collar for bars 50mm Active Gym</strong> are the latest model of similar accessories. They are light and their weight is not felt at all. <strong>Fixing the clamps</strong> on the bars is done with just one movement, which is very convenient, especially for beginners. Using <strong>Locking collar for bars 50mm Active Gym</strong>, you can be assured that during the <strong>intensive workout</strong> the weights will not be displaced.</p>


<li>Fixing the <strong>lever bracket</strong> results in one movement</li>
<li>The <strong>clamps </strong>have a lever retainer</li>
<li>Easy operation</li>
<li>Reliability of the mechanism</li>
<li>Secured<strong> safety during training</strong>.</li>

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